Your Questions About Swollen Gum Around Tooth With Braces

Steven asks…

Swollen gums with braces?

I have braces and my gums are really puffy, but they arent red nor do they bleed(only if I brush with force). I hate flossing,it takes too much time to go around the braces. Is there anyways to reduce the puffyness of my swollen gums? My teeth look so much smaller now because of my gums covering it. I hate the puffyness of my gums, especially between my front two teeth. HEEELPZ

Mark answers:

Gabe and EAP1144 is right. I used to use a water pick with braces on, its much easier then using a thread.

But be careful, wear a rain jacket.

Joseph asks…

Swollen Gums with Braces.. Help!?

I’ve has spaces between my top teeth since forever but april 08 I decided to get braces.. I noticed around september 08 when all my spaces finally closed that all the gums that were in between the teeth were now pushed together a formed bubbles (of gum) between & over my teeth.. and now it covering most of the tooth above the actual braces.. I brush & wash regularly .. for mouthwash I use what my dentist prescribed to me.. colgate phos-flur.. it’s to keep my teeth strong or w.e so when they get taken of I wont have indents where the braces used to be.. and when I asked my ortho why it’s swollen he just said keep brushing.. if this has happened to you what can I use to make the swelling go down?

p.s. It doesn’t hurt nor does it bleed so I don’t think that it is any infection (but of course I could be wrong)

Mark answers:

I have the same problem too. My orthodontist gave me a skinny brush to try and actually push up my gums with it. When she did an example on my front teeth it really worked! When i got home, nothing :/ The best thing you can really do if floss floss floss. And continue to brush and wait for the day they come off. After my sis braces came off her gums when right up. So don’t worry 🙂

Good Luck!

Lisa asks…

How do you treat swollen gums with braces?

I’ve had braces for almost 2 years (will be two years on March of 2011), and the small gaps that I had are pretty much closed. However, my gums around those teeth that had gaps are swollen down to the wire. I have used Colgate Peroxyl and Orajel rinse, as well as floss at least once a day and brush mornings and nights. My gums do not bleed or hurt when I floss, so I don’t believe I have gingivitis, but my gums are swollen. I also noticed that when I floss, my gums seem a bit “flappy” as if they’re just hanging.

Mark answers:

With dental wax
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John asks…

Braces off – swollen gums?

I got my braces off a week ago today. Everything seemed fine, I spent the next couple of days adjusting and my gums were fine, too. After a few more days, however, my gums started to become sore and a little more pink. As of now, the gums around my bottom four teeth are a mildly swollen and they hurt to touch. The gums all around my top teeth aren’t swollen, but they ache, too, especially when I floss. However, they don’t bleed frequently, only very occasionally when I brush(weird?).
I also felt around my gums and discovered the bottom ones were a little “loose”. As in, I could move them with my fingernail and you could see the inner flap.
They don’t look infected or extreme (I’ve related them to pictures I’ve seen of gum disease and gingivitis), they’re just tender to touch, and a little red/swollen.
Is this normal, a WEEK after I got my braces off?
Could these affect the reason at all:
– When I had my braces, I never flossed (bad on my part).
– For my retainer, I was given an Invisalign-esque mouth guard. It’s a clear retainer that is molded to fit over my top and bottom teeth and is plastic. Could this be a minor detail?
I’m scheduled for an orthodontist (not dentist) appointment next Tuesday, just to take some final pictures. But I’d like to know if this could be a serious issue so that I could call ahead of time as an emergency.
Please help if you can!

Mark answers:

Even if you wear your retainer, your teeth shift a bit in your gums after the braces come off. But part of it may be due to not flossing as you should previously. The swelling should go down and the pain should go away. In the meantime, try doing some warm saltwater rinses. I know they are gross but they do help will swelling and pain. Also, take some anti-inflammatories such as motrin. Floss and brush gently and stop messing with your gums! It will only irritate them further and they’ll take longer to heal.

Sandy asks…

Excessive Gum Swelling due to Braces?

So I have had braces for about two years. I have a really small, non stretchable (lol) mouth as well, so i have trouble flossing. I brush my teeth (minimum three times a day) and clean around my gums with my proxy brush, and use mouth wash. but i only floss once in a while as i never seem to be able to do it properly, though i floss my front teeth regularly, i can’t get in the sides/back. Now my gums are swollen to the point of my proxy brush can’t get above the brackets and the gum between one pair of teeth is touching the wire, which makes me self-concious about the smiling factor. my ortho suggested extra brushing/flossing of the teeth/gums and that bleeding was good as it would make the swelling go down. so i’ve tried, and poked and prodded and forced the proxy brush through for two weeks and there has been no sign of bleeding and/or any relievance of the swelling. i’d like to know why it isn’t working and perhaps what else i could do to fix the problem. i’m hoping to get the braces off soon, and i really don’t want to spend my first day without them not smiling because of gums. lol. The smallest of advices is welcome!

Mark answers:

Hi there,
the situation you described is known as GINGIVITIS (inflammation of the gums). This is influenced by many factors:
1. Medicine you may take- most commonly vs. High blood pressure. 2.hormonal factors- most commonly during pregnancy and teenagers.
But the underlying most important factor is the oral Hygiene, it sounds like you really try to clean regularly and good so i suspect another factor is involved (are you a teenager?), in any case the only solution is to clean even better.
My recommendations:
1. Ask your dentist for tooth brushing information, it’s not as simple as one thinks to brush correctly. Make sure that you brush each time for at least(!) 2 min. And use a tooth paste containing FLUORIDE.
2. You wrote that you use a mouth wash. I recommend to use an extra strong one containing CHLORHEXIDINE (0.012%). Note however that this is NOT FOR DAILY USE!!! Use it for a few days (NOT MORE THAN 2 WEEKS) to make the situation better and go back to the rinse you used before. Clorhexidine has some temporary side effects so make sure the pharmacist explains them.
I hope this helped. All the best

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  1. Cat says:

    I have had braces for about two months, and now my front teeth are starting to come together. The only problem is the tissue that was in between my teeth has been pushed back and now it’s a little red and’s sorta painful too. Any advice?

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